Video Note Fridge Magnet

by Ally

Sometimes it seems as if creators are watching old 1980’s science fiction movies to find gadget ideas.  It’s not really that I think the gadget has no point, it’s more that it seems like they have a very outdated view of the future.  We’ve probably all watched Back To The Future and this looks like something they’d have hanging on Marty’s future self’s fridge.  If you enjoy that sort of style of electronics then this would be the way to leave messages and reminders for your family.

The Green-House GH-DM14M Video Note Fridge Magnet does exactly what you probably are guessing.  It lets you record all of your messages on video, with audio of course.  The LCD monitor is 1.44 inches (128 by 128) with an itty bitty camera.  It’ll record 320 by 240 M-JPEG videos that work at 20fps.  It has built-in storage space, that will hold up to 30 seconds of video clips.  You can purchase the magnet for 5,980 Yen or about $66 through GeekStuff4U.

Source: TechFresh

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pink mini fridge Says: September 4, 2010 at 2:26 pm

what a cool picture 😀

i love it

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