Orange’s Thunder 30 Amp

by Ally

It’s not too difficult to pick up on that there seems to be a common color among amps that you find onstage.  It’s not that manufacturers are incapable of creating a different color combination, it’s more that most bands prefer their sound equipment to blend in with the woodwork.  Well for the bands that want something a little different for a change, Orange has a whole set of brightly colored sound equipment.  I’m sure you can guess what color they all feature.

In recent events they came out with the Thunder 30, which is expected to be released sometime during the spring.  The Thunder 30 features four EL84 class power valves that will kick out 30 watts.  One new portion about this new gadget is that it has a twin channel setup.  It also has an FX loop, standard clean channel and a dedicated overdrive/distortion channel with shape control.  It appears to be a great choice for those that value both sound quality as well as looks.

Source: Crunchgear

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