10 Minute Solution comes to the Wii

by Mark R

Some of you have probably heard of the 10 Minute Solution series of exercise DVDs. I mean, they have a Pilates version, Tone and Trouble Zone version, even one called Hot Body Boot Camp. (Shouldn’t it be called Hot Body Booty Camp? Just saying.)

Anyway, Anchor Bay Entertainment, who makes these 10 Minute Solution videos, is planning on doing some business on the Wii as they are making a Wii version of the 10 Minute Solution. The 10 Minute Solution for the Wii uses the WiiFit board, and has three categories of aerobics, cardio boxing, and other mixed games.

I can’t help but wonder why the 10 Minute Solution is being made into a Wii game when the Wii Fit has a very in-depth exercise program. I suppose that the 10 Minute Solution is probably the current exercise fad that will eventually go the way of Jane Fonda, the 20 Minute Workout, Tae-bo, Buns of Steel, and countless others before and after. I guess 10 Minute Solution wanted to make a Wii game before the fad dies, and before the new version of the Wii comes out.

Anyway, the 10 Minute Solution for the Wii should be out soon, but I don’t have the release date as yet. The price point is about $19.99, which is about the same price as the WiiFit Plus without the balance board.


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