SuperSkin could help save lives


Fancy going fast on a motorcycle? Well, the thrill of speeding down the freeway on a two-wheeler with the wind blowing against your face is definitely something one should experience at least once throughout their lifetimes. Unfortunately, there are some quarters who literally throw caution to the wind by taking safety very lightly, which could not only endanger their lives but that of others. Needless to say, wearing a helmet is something everyone should do whenever they go out on a bicycle or motorcycle, and this is where the SuperSkin comes in handy.

Folks who wear an ordinary one are still prone to a potentially lethal injury that standard issue helmets do not protect against – rotational injury, which is also known as intracerebral shearing. Whenever a rider’s helmet hits the road, its rigid shell will catch against the pavement and causes the helmet to very rapidly twist around. This in effect causes the rider’s head to twist with the helmet, but it happens so fast that the brain is not quite able to keep up even though it is one of the most complex computers on earth, moving a few milliseconds after the skull it’s contained in. The result of this would be the shearing of nerves and blood vessels, resulting in disabilities or perhaps even death. Lazer Helmets aims to avoid this potential tragedy with their SuperSkin helmet which is touted to reduce the risk of this injury by almost 70%.

SuperSkin comprises of an elastic membrane which covers the outside of the helmet. It comes with a gel lubricant underneath which helps it slide against the helmet’s hard shell. The whole idea behind this is when a SuperSkin helmet hits the road, its membrane will catch the pavement, twist around, and tear away. As for the helmet itself, it will obviously still move, but this happens only once those initial milliseconds of energy have been absorbed by the membrane. Basically, it is modeled after the way the scalp slides against the skull.

Source: Gizmag

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