Pet Pooch Power System cleans up pet waste

by Ally

Absolutely no one enjoys cleaning up the yard after their dog has left several presents for you.  It’s not just the manual labor.  You’re taking time to clean up dog poop, which isn’t exactly a fun task.  Well this gadget will at least keep you from having to crouch on the ground.  If it makes an obnoxious chore just a little bit easier, it might be worth the investment.

It has a vacuum that sucks up all of you pet’s droppings into a biodegradable waste bag.  It is completely cordless and even if it dies, it has a 6 foot long charging cord.  It’ll take a little while for it to run out of juice though, on a single charge it’ll work up to 150 times.  When you purchase the 120V system you’ll receive 10 of those bags and after you run out you can purchase more of them in quantities of 50 for $19.50 or 100 for $35.50.  You can purchase the Pet Pooch Power System itself for $99.50 through FrontGate.

Source: OhGizmo

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