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Do you happen to own a Logitech Squeezebox Radio? Well, you might want to consider an accessory for it which comes in the form of the Squeezebox Radio Accessory Pack. This is one way for you to truly experience a wireless way to enjoy music from your Squeezebox Radio, where this unique piece of hardware allows you to place your Squeezebox Radio just about anywhere you want as long as you remain within the umbrella of a Wi-Fi network, regardless of whether you are at home or outside (again, that depends on the range of your Wi-Fi network as well as the overall size of your home). All this without being tethered by a boring old power cord – now how about that! The Squeezebox Radio Accessory Pack is capable of lasting up to half a dozen hours on the go, and will juice up your precious Squeezebox Radio when plugged in. Whenever you unplug it, you will switch to battery power instantly and automatically without missing a literal beat, so there is no worries about your tunes skipping or losing connectivity because of the lack of juice.

The Squeezebox Radio Accessory Pack will comprise of a rechargeable battery and a compact remote control, where the latter is useful for those who love planting their rear end on a La-Z-Boy without having to get up after that. Interested in picking one up? The accessory pack is available now for $49.99 a pop, and if you happen to live across the pond, you are a little bit more unfortunate since it will cost you the equivalent amount, save for the fact that it is in the Euro denomination. Basically, if you are making a trip over Stateside, you might want to pick it up there to save on the exchange rate, but otherwise you will just have to be happy forking out a wee bit more. As for folks living outside of Europe and the US, too bad – supplies are limited to Squeezebox Radio owners in both regions only.

Before you get this though, make sure your Squeezebox Radio has been upgraded to software release 7.4.2. If you’re a MySqueezebox.com user, your Squeezebox Radio will notify you to perform a software upgrade so no worries there. As for Squeezebox Server users, you will need to download software release 7.4.2 beforehand.

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Maiasaura Says: March 4, 2010 at 6:29 pm

This is a complete shill-job. The radio was released in mid-2009, and they just now, March 2010 are releasing the battery pack (which, by the way, costs another $50). Oh, and guess what–it’s not really available. You can order it, but it still doesn’t exist. Boos Logitech and boo Coolest Gadgets for shilling.

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