Lego Digital Camera

by Ally

Whether you’re looking for a camera for your kids or just a quirky camera for yourself, this would do the trick.  It’ll take all of the same shots a normal camera would, it just does it with more class.  It takes work to be as cool as someone carrying around a Lego digital camera.  Sure, it is a bit of a small screen, but it would still get the job done just fine.

It has Lego bricks on the top and bottom that could allow for the camera to be attached to other Lego structures.  Beyond that it has a whole lot of the typical features.  Things like a built-in flash, fixed focus and a lithium-ion battery.  It also comes with 4x digital zoom, 128MB that makes it possible to hang onto 80 photos and an 1.5” LCD screen.  You can purchase it for £49.99 or about $76 through I Want One Of Those.

Source: Bookofjoe

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