Iron Man ARC Light

by Mark R

Okay, let’s say that you are a big Hollywood studio, and you plan to release a big budget moneymaker like Iron Man 2 this summer.

I’m sure that film will make a whole slew of money no matter how good it is, but with merchandise, you can make even more money.

For example, you could create a ARC Light replica that was worn by Tony Stark in the first one, and no doubt the second one. He’ll probably wear it in the third one as well.

You can now buy this particular ARC Light, presumably for your kids. I mean, I’m not certain why any adult would want to wear this, unless it is Halloween or something. You’d have to make a pretty decent Iron Man armor to match this.

By the way, you have not seen the ending of Iron Man merchandise. There is a version of Operation (the Wacky Doctor game) based on Iron Man, which is no doubt based on that one scene from the first film where Pepper Potts changes Tony Stark’s Arc Light reactor. There is even a Mr. Potato head Iron Man, believe it or not.

You should be able to pre-order this thing from Entertainment Earth for about $7.59.


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