True Fidelity Active Noise Canceling Headphones from Able Planet

by Mark R

We’ve reported on Able Planet’s products before, and they usually produce some high quality headphones.

The True Fidelity Active Noise Canceling Headphones (NC300B) are no exception, and I recently had a chance to try them out for myself.

I don’t think that I have ears that can discern precisely how good the True Fidelity headphones are in comparison to other Able Planet products, but I found these padded jobs were good enough to bear the Able Planet name.

This one has a volume control located right on the wire for easy adjusting. There is a AAA battery required, and that will power the headphones for the LINX AUDIO technology.

I did notice only one problem with these headphones. While I was watching Iron Man, I noticed a a sound like helicopter blades in the background. However, that sound only happened with the headphones worn at a certain angle. It was pretty easy to adjust the headband so I didn’t hear the noise anymore, just quality sound.

The True Fidelity headphones from Able Planet come with a case that stores the headphones quite well, provided the earcups are turned like they are in the picture.

According to the company site, this product has won over 20 International CES and CTIA awards. If you want in on this action, feel free to head over to the Able Planet site and get it for $129.99.

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