Nooka’s ad campaign uses augmented reality

by Mark R

We’ve already talked about how a mirror at a Japanese store can show customers what make-up looks like without putting it on their faces.

This conceptual ad campaign from Nooka also uses augmented reality, and it shows how a watch will look like without actually wearing it.

As you can see by the video, Nooka wants to put this weird paper band in major magazines. This band is removable, and it is full of QR codes. The user puts on the band, and he or she can then go into front of a webcam and the Nooka site.

From there, far out augmented reality takes over as the user figures out what watch goes well with them. In other words, it’s augmented reality accessorizing!

I don’t really see the effect being at all realistic. I mean, it looks like the Nooka is super-imposed on the wrist like an old-school special effect. However, does it have to look that realistic?

No, this is just a way to see how something looks, which means that it doesn’t have to look all that good.

Unfortunately, my Source does not have any word on when this new ad campaign is starting, or if it is starting. However, videos like these just don’t make themselves, which means that it had to be made for a reason.


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