Forearm Exerciser helps you stay toned


Do you spend plenty of time in front of the computer that you don’t have enough minutes left to stay fit and trim? Well, the Forearm Exerciser comes in handy as described in the indented paragraph below. It does look pretty cool wearing one, and your boss might just think you’re goofing around the office with part of your son’s Halloween costume until you explain to him that this is what keeps your forearm nice and toned. Would you want to spend less than one month’s gym membership fee for this $49.95 Forearm Exerciser? Anyone who has already tried this out, how did you find it?

This is the exercise apparatus that strengthens your wrists and forearms as additional training for racquet and ball sports. Unlike free weights that can be awkward and unwieldy for wrist and forearm conditioning, the cushioned exerciser secures your forearm while you grasp the foam-padded handle that can be adjusted to your hand size. A cable and spring mechanism provides resistance as you curl your wrist; three levels of resistance offer a more vigorous workout. You can also reverse your grip to perform wrist extensions.

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David Says: February 18, 2010 at 8:54 pm

I have great. But it’s over 20 years old. Made by Marcy. Actually, I just did a search for- Marcy forearm, and this product came up. So it’s just an updated version, I guess.

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