Volvo XC70 to get online Rear Seat Entertainment System


Volvo has developed a solid reputation for being an extremely safe vehicle to be in, and the 2010 Volvo XC70 goes one up by being one of the first vehicles in the world that will boast an Internet-connected Rear Seat Entertainment System, powered by Windows XP. It will hook up to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection while featuring a 500GB hard drive (pretty spacious, I must say). While this innovative product still remains in the conceptual phase, it will enable customers to surf the Internet while they’re on the road, downloading applications to personalize their Volvo to their lifestyle while enjoying video as well as unlimited music downloads thanks to a digital touchscreen display. Apart from that, the RSEi-500 also enables customers to hook up their vehicle to their home computer, which would in turn allow video, audio and other home data content to be transferred to the vehicle’s on board computer in a jiffy.

Volvo Cars of North America has also forged a working relationship with Azentek Corporation and Gracenote in order to further explore the possibility of bringing this revolutionary product to the market. You will be able to check out a demonstration of the Volvo XC70 at the Chicago Auto Show, where it hooks up to the Internet using turbocharged speeds that is found in the Sprint 4G via its new Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot.

This new development ought to keep those backseat drivers occupied (and quiet, since their attention will be riveted on whatever they’re listening to or watching instead of nagging you on which road to take as well as how fast/slow you’re going), letting them navigate their music collections by mood, and display lyrics in North America, artist biographies as well as reviews of the current music being played. All this talk is making the Volvo XC70 shape up to be a pretty interesting vehicle to purchase in the near future. Let’s hope the motor company doesn’t go under before it arrives in whatever country you’re residing in.

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