Rubik’s Cube goes electronics with the Slide

by Mark R

The Rubik’s Cube is one of those fads that will never have the original glory of the early 80’s, but it will always have a place in our hearts.

The cube was something that never seemed to need any improvement, but leave it to technology to improve on something, whether it needs it or not.

I’m not trying to bash the Rubik’s Slide, but it is very interesting to see that this Cube has more than just one puzzle. In fact, it supposedly has 10,000 puzzles that involve light up patterns and sound that I sadly don’t have a video for. However, these puzzles have a “Lightning Round”, and the puzzles have easy, medium, and hard. The Slide has an adjustable volume control, even high score memory.

The Rubik’s Slide made its first debut at the Toy Fair, which is still going on. I can’t help but wonder what else is going on at the Toy Fair right now. I mean, if they are going to make the Rubik’s Cube all techno-electric, then who knows what other toys that are not electronic in any way will get a techno-upgrade? No wonder why Woody was so jealous of Buzz in Toy Story.

The Rubik’s Slide should be available in the fall for a price of only $17.99, for ages 8 and up.


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