Flower Infant Nurser Monitor records video and audio

by Ally


A lot of baby monitors just look like every other electronic device on the market.  If you’d like one that’s going to blend in within the baby’s room then these little cameras would do a whole lot better.  These bright flowers actually look like they belong in a kids room.  Plus they have the benefits of giving you a visual of your baby as well as making it possible to hear when the baby is crying.

The camera will work even when the room has gone dark.  There are two different portable wireless cameras that can clip onto the edge of the crib or the edge of a shelf.  You can then watch the color video on the rechargeable receiver.  The cameras come in a two pack and it appears they come in two different colors, but I don’t believe you can pick those two colors.  You can purchase the set for $134.99 through Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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