Cocoon Shower would make any bathroom cool

by Mark R

500x_cocoon-showerI suppose that what I’m seeing here is a shower of the future, but most modern-day showers are designed for a small space. This “cocoon shower” definitely belongs in a bathroom where there is space to spare.

Actually, this shower is more than just a shower, as you might not be able to tell from this picture. Apparently, the base of this cocoon shower is wide enough to be a cocoon bathtub, and not just any bathtub, but a hydro-massager.

Another thing that might be unclear in this picture is the “shower curtain” on this thing. It opens up somewhat like a flower, and the curtain slides all around the structure itself.

I believe that my source mentions that it resembles Darth Vader’s meditation chamber from The Empire Strikes Back, and I can’t help but agree with it, if it were painted black. Maybe this is where the stormtroopers went to meditate, this is assuming that clones can meditate.

This Cocoon tub is still just a concept tub designed by Arina Komarova, and it is not up for sale as yet. However, I would like to think that articles like this help to make beautiful dreams like this into reality. So if you want this cocoon shower, then you got to speak as one voice until you get it.


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