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IturanUSA has unveiled its latest product, the Rideit. Rideit boasts of being a waterproof and shockproof global positioning system (GPS) device that was specially designed to work with motorcycles, and IturanUSA is so bold as to offer a guarantee for it to withstand the toughest road and weather conditions. Sounds like something every biker could make do with, don’t you think?

Rideit is the only product on the market that was developed internally by expert technicians and combines an alarm system and tracking device in one. The product designers paid special attention to details like power consumption and sensor placement, and packaged the device with a remote control – another element that no other GPS product currently offers. Other notable features include an internal accelerometer sensor which detects change in bike angles and can analyze on-road accidents, five second motion alert feature, and siren and blinkers output. Customers will also enjoy personalized perks such as alert notifications by e-mail or SMS (text message) and a back up battery.

There is still no word on pricing details, but we hope to see Rideit revolutionize the motorcycle industry. It might not survive a head-on collision with a car or a tree though, so always err on the side of caution just to be safe when riding!

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