Multi-Room Climate Monitor


multi-room-climate-monitorFor those who feel that they absolutely have to have complete control of their surroundings (at least psychologically), the Multi-Room Climate Monitor comes into mind as part of their cause.

This system monitors temperature and air moisture in multiple rooms and warns when relative humidity is above 60% – a climate in which mold and dust mites thrive. Up to three remote indoor sensors (one included; additional sensors sold below) and the base station measure temperature and humidity in the rooms they are located. The remote sensors wirelessly transmit climate readings to the base station’s backlit 4″ sq. LCD, which flashes a warning icon to alert you to dangerous humidity levels. The system also comes with a wireless outdoor sensor that monitors the current weather and 24-hour forecast. The base station automatically synchronizes its calendar and clock with the atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. Remote sensors have a 100′ range. Includes six AAA batteries and one AA battery to power the base station and sensors.

Something tells me that you will be going through those batteries pretty quickly, so why not take the more environmentally friendly route by making sure you use rechargeables such as Sanyo’s Eneloops instead? On the other hand, the $89.95 Multi-Room Climate Monitor could come in handy if you want to save your precious family heirlooms stored in rooms and the attic whenever their surrounding climate could prove destructive.

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