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Lenovo has just announced their latest desktop machine – the ThinkCentre A63 which targets small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). As with any other new desktop, you must be wondering whether it is able to add value and enhance productivity to your organization. Why not read on further to find out more about the ThinkCentre A63, and come to your own conclusion? For starters, the A63 will feature Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 that paves the way for blazing fast boot-up time, while you will be able to choose from an array of the latest AMD Sempron, Athlon II and Phenom II processors with prices starting from $329 upwards. Talk about keeping your computing department as well as accountant happy simultaneously!

Financial market analysts as well as entry engineers will find the ThinkCentre A63 to be particularly useful for one main reason – it is capable of supporting dual independent displays for an expanded work area. Apart from that, the A63 can also hold up to a 500GB hard drive as well as 1,333MHz DDR3 memory for future expansion options. This is by no means a gaming machine, since you only get an integrated graphics chipset that supports DirectX 10, but it ought to be more than enough to handle your everyday office use as well as playing some Flash-based games on the Internet.

Being a business machine, you would definitely have a bunch of other business tools that need to be connected to this constantly, ranging from mobile phones to business card scanners and the like. Lenovo’s got your back in this aspect with eight USB 2.0 ports incorporated to turn the A63 into a flexible hub. You can also keep in touch with the rest of your business partners thanks to an optional high-resolution webcam and a pre-loaded copy of Skype to turn this into an impromptu VoIP center. After all, isn’t commuting old hat by now, with many SMBs moving on towards a virtual office with video calls being the norm? To get you up and running faster, Lenovo has also made sure its Think PCs with Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 can help you achieve 57% faster boot times and five second shutdown times compared to other Think PCs in the family that are powered by Windows XP or Vista.

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