Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System


ritmoNuvo Group USA recently announced their Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System that is touted to offer unparalleled quality and safe sound to prenatal listeners. While a baby’s still developing in the mother’s womb, Ritmo is able to offer a convenient, comfortable and safe way for families to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding via the use of sound and music. Thanks to a 3.5mm audio port, you can hook up most portable audio devices such as iPods, portable media players, BlackBerrys and the like.

The expectant mother wears a fashionable, lightweight belt around her pregnant belly. The belt has four speakers and a controller, the size of a deck of cards, which fits comfortably into a tiny pocket. Your own audio player plugs into the controller, which utilizes Nuvo’s patented Safe & Sound Technology to regulate the output of sound to a safe level for a baby to hear in-utero, regardless of how loud the sound was recorded or the volume that it is played.

While research has pointed towards the introduction of reactive listening from 17 weeks of gestation onwards, other studies point towards positive development of the foetus with the right kind of music, including increased bonding and stress reduction. Ritmo furthers that theory with other means including dad reading his favorite book, siblings chatting with each other, grandparents belting out a lullaby or even having someone talk on the phone from far away. Once baby is delivered, Ritmo still has a shelf life as it has applications for the crib, stroller and toys coming right up. The Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System retails for $129.99 each.

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Melinda Says: January 13, 2010 at 10:49 am

I think the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy System sounds like an extraordinary gadget. I would be thrilled to be able to use one of these when I am pregnant and I know other women would enjoy this product too. I also think that it is clever how they designed it to be able to be hooked up to portable audio devices,iPods, portable media players, BlackBerrys and the like.

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