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biometric-caseSome airports have a sign at the luggage collection area that informs passengers to double check on their suitcases before they bring it home since many of them look alike (just like babies at the incubator room), but here’s the Biometric Business Case that definitely confirms you’re the owner instead of bringing your case (pun not intended) to King Solomon to let him decide.

Using the same technology trusted to secure high-level state secrets, this is the only business case with a biometric security scanner. A scanner on top of the case reads your fingerprint, compares it to its internal database, and provides access only when it detects a perfect match, providing an unprecedented level of security when traveling with sensitive business documents or valuables. Its memory stores up to eight fingerprints, allowing associates or family with approved security clearance to access the contents. Made from high-density, flexible polycarbonate, the hard-sided business case withstands 250 lb./ft. of force and reverts to its original shape, thwarting cracks or dents and protecting what’s inside. The case has two 3 1/2″ ball bearing wheels and a telescoping aluminum handle. The scanner’s battery lasts up to 90 days and recharges via the included USB cable or AC adapter.

Sounds fine and dandy, but frequent travelers will most probably find this useful, and those who fall under that category certainly can’t be expected to remember to keep the battery juiced up, right? $1,100 is the asking price for the Biometric Business Case, and the main drawback would be its 90-day battery life that we feel should be able to last longer, but then again that would add to the total weight count.

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Biocase Says: January 16, 2010 at 7:49 pm

We just picked up the BioCase online and love it. Totally not necessary, but stylish and an awesome conversation piece.

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