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skill-pianoMusic lessons can be mighty expensive as many parents would know, but the joy of seeing your child develop his/her musical skills to become the next Taylor Swift (or maybe not) is priceless, something that money cannot buy. If you happen to be tone deaf and yet want to do your part by being a responsible parent who makes sure that your little one puts his/her piano lessons to good use, then the Skill Assessing Children’s Piano Tutor sounds (no pun intended) like the perfect tool.

This is the only interactive piano tutor for children that assesses a child’s skills by detecting wrong notes and rhythms. A former Juilliard instructor leads children through over 100 lessons that cover the basics of finger placement and learning notes and more refined skills such as reading music and playing songs. After playing a song, the software will score the performance, indicating when a wrong note or rhythm was played. The software includes an animated keyboard and videos that illustrates exactly where fingers should be placed. Fifteen interactive games reinforce the lessons. Thirty-one songs come with the software, including Jingle Bells, Mary Had A Little Lamb, and Pop! Goes the Weasel; the tempo of each song can be adjusted to suit learning speed. Includes a 49-key electronic keyboard with built-in speakers and keys sized for children that plugs into a computer with an included MIDI cable. Software requires a PC running Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 or a Mac.

What’s another $99.95 if you have already invested a few thousand to date for those piano lessons as well as a brand new piano sitting in your living room?

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john Says: January 13, 2010 at 8:40 am

Sorry, but software will never replace the good old piano. Kids know the difference and tire quickly of gadgets. Give them real music and musicians instead of machines.

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