Yahoo Connected TV program keeps the Internet on your TV, via widgets

by Mark R

tv_widgets_yahoo_1Some of you are probably aware that many TV companies are helping users stay connected to the internet with the use of Widgets. One of them is everyone’s favorite number two search engine, Yahoo.

Yahoo is teaming with big television company partners like Samsung, LG, Vizio and more to create Yahoo TV Widgets. This widget-based user experience for the TV uses popular Yahoo programs such as Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo! Video and Flickr. It also uses content from other providers such as Amazon, Blockbuster, eBay, CBS, Showtime, USA Today, Twitter, Facebook, and much more.

Even though the Yahoo Widget Engine was announced in August 2009, I finally got a chance to see it at Pepcom last night. As you can see, it is a chance for the user to watch TV with a little widgets down below. Selecting them will grant the user access to all sorts of online content.

Yahoo teamed up with Intel to create a Widget Development Kit so that any company, including developers, CE manufacturers, advertisers, and content producers, can easily construct their own TV widgets based on whatever they need.

Yahoo’s Internet widget program is clearly the start of a new era where consumers watch live television and check Internet updates as well. Not that we don’t do that with a laptop and a TV, but why multitask with two devices when only one is needed?


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Jimmy Says: June 16, 2010 at 12:15 am

I am a firm believer that all content like films, music and games will all be streamed over the internet direct to the consumer in the not to distant future. No more CD or games that come in boxes everything will be stored on large capacity HD in our homes.

The only issues will be the dramatic increase in internet traffic (which is already increasing at a rapid pace) and the ability of ISP’s to serve up the bandwidth.

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