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scoring-karaokeLove karaoke and busting your lungs out in the presence of family and friends? Well, just like BO, most people would throw an uncomfortable smile at you whenever you sing, just because they’re trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings by letting you know what they really think. Good thing machines are unfeeling and cold, hence the Scoring Karaoke Game to let you know how well you really are doing.

This is the only karaoke microphone that detects the pitch of each note you sing. It has 100 songs programmed into its memory, allowing you to sing along with songs played through your television–scoring mode will display your performance as being too high or too low in pitch. The microphone communicates wirelessly with its control box, which plugs directly into your television with the included AV cable, freeing you from a typical microphone’s cord that may constrict your movements. Song lyrics by artists such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and more are displayed on your screen, and you can score your performances–even play them back for critique. You can download new songs onto the microphone by plugging it into your computer using the included USB cable or using its SD card slot (SD card not included). Includes two AA batteries and AC adapter.

And if you are not happy with the score, best not to throw the Scoring Karaoke Game against the wall, otherwise the $199.95 you spent on it could have been better used for some vocal lessons.

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