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IPEVO is well known for their range of VoIP devices, especially those that function in tandem with Skype. Well, the company’s back at CES 2010 yet again with their latest release known as the Tubular. The Tubular comprises of a couple of three-watt speakers which can be hooked for two-way stereo sound. Apart from that, you can also live out the wireless lifestyle since Tubular is Bluetooth-enabled, where it can be used with just about any Bluetooth-enabled music player. This would mean PCs, notebooks, netbooks, cellphones and iPods are fair game to the IPEVO Tubular. We’ll take a closer look at the IPEVO Tubular wireless speakers right after the jump.

It is pretty evident where the Tubular receive its name from – via the special design of its interlocking left and right speakers. Both speakers can be locked together in a tube shape, and when they are required to see action, they are easily separated. Rejoining them does not require any rocket science – all you need is a gentle twist and you’re good to go. Featuring a lightweight, compact and modern design, the speakers are highly portable as we’re pretty sure you can always make more room in your luggage to tote around another 9.5 ounces of items.

Bluetooth pairing might get a little bit tricky for first timers, and it would be best to have an experienced hand guide you through it. The multifunction button on the primary speaker helps you achieve a Bluetooth connection, in which it also doubles up as an On/Off button, with a couple of other separate buttons for volume control. When paired with selected Bluetooth devices, all three buttons can also function as a method of navigation through tracks while performing play and pause functions. It features standard Bluetooth performance boundaries including the 10 meter radius, but goes one up as you can use your own portable media player as the remote control. Capable of running up to 8 hours on a single charge with a standby time of up to 100 hours, the Tubular Wireless Speakers from IPEVO will retail for $79.

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