The Brionvega ts Clock Radio gets cubed

by Ally


Just by glancing at this small clock radio, it makes it appear as if it’s an incredibly complicated device.  However, despite all of those dials, it’s a pretty basic clock.  It lets you know the time just like every other clock and can even play the radio.  It just happens to look interesting while it does all of those normal boring functions, which is enough to make it stand out in a crowd of monotonous clock radios.

In addition to having a clock and an FM radio, it also has a built-in indoor thermometer.  All of the information like the time is displayed on an LCD display with a backlight.  It also has the usual snooze button that comes in handy on those mornings when you’re not quite ready to drag yourself out of that warm bed.  It comes in Sun Orange, Snow White and Night Black.  Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey.  You can purchase it for £289.00 or about $462.

Source: RetroToGo

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