Remo Humanoid Kit

by Mark R

rmo870343-thumb-359x550-30808I’m going to speak a little boldy and say that the Remo Humanoid Robot Kit wishes that it was the JO-ZERO. Of course, I had some video footage of JO-ZERO in action. I’m afraid all my source had was this still shot of the Remo standing upright.

In other words, I don’t know how the Remo moves, which is really what you should look for when you get yourself a robot kit. The Remo (which is short for “robot brain”) does have some “high quality CCD cameras for image processing” as well as “pressure sensors on its feet for balance”.

The Remo is also powered by lithium batteries or by a simple plugging into an outlet. That would probably give it a short leash, though. By the way, remote control is attainable via Bluetooth, which is something that JO-ZERO doesn’t have at this time.

Okay, now that I’ve got the basic facts out of the way, I can finally talk about that face, or lack thereof. What is that, some sort of mask sample from The Phantom of the Opera musical? Who was playing the role of the Phantom, Howard the Duck?

Or maybe someone intends to make some sort of horror movie where the Remo starts killing everyone. After all, most slasher films boil down to some guy in a mask hacking people to death. You know, like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies, Mike Myers from the Halloween series, or that one guy in the Scream movies.

Well, if someone is planning on making a low-budget robot slasher film, then they had better be willing to pay the $4,358 price for the Remo. They can order it here.


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