WiiWaa: Clearly the most fun you can have with the Wii and a stuffed toy

by Mark R

If you look at the WiiWaa, you might just see a freaky looking stuffed toy with a Wiimote shoved down its throat. However, you should not judge it too harshly, because I personally believe that the WiiWaa is poised to start a new revolution in interactive gaming for the pre-tween crowd.

As you can see from the video, a whole world of possibilities is available to the one who force-feeds this little monster a motion-controller.

When the youngster wiggles the WiiWaa to make him walk, it actually makes the video game character walk in the game. If little junior wiggles the WiiWaa slowly, then it’s like its sneaking up on someone, perfect when approaching sleeping giants. Uh-oh, the giant is starting to wake up! Little junior better make the WiiWaa duck.

I realize that it sounds like I’m being sarcastic about this thing, but in all honesty, this WiiWaa is a game that I, as an adult, would love to play. Especially when it has that double-bungee cord action going on. I’m sure my kids would be begging for me to stop playing, and I will look down on them and answer “no”. Whoa, I’m starting to sound like Rorschach from Watchmen there.

Unfortunately, there is no word when this WiiWaa will actually hit the market. I could easily see it as the Zhou-Zhou pet for next year’s Christmas season.


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