Hot Cat Gloves by Thanko

by Mark R

thanko_cat_gloves1I would like to say “thank you” to Thanko. This company has given us some interesting devices in the past, such as the HDD Media Player that we just reported on just yesterday.

That HDD Media Player sounds useful, doesn’t it? I just can’t help but think that these Hot Cat Gloves are just downright useless. Of course, I have no right to judge, because, according to Thanko, their Catgirl Earphones from last summer are their “No. 1 selling item”.

I suppose that a pair of cat paws that warm your hands was an obvious choice for Thanko’s winter catalog. All the user has to do is connect the gloves to a USB port, and the pink paw pads that you can see in the pic deliver warmth to your bare fingers. Yes, your fingers are exposed with these gloves, but that’s only so you can type with these feline fists.

Clearly, there must be some sort of crowd out there that digs dressing up as a kitty cat. I’m not certain that I want to know the reason. Didn’t CSI do an episode about this?

These cat gloves weigh about 145 g, and you can get them on the Thanko website for about $35.


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