Epson’s Augmented Reality cards for the New Year

by Mark R

epsnclr3d0987034-thumb-550x474-30698Epson wants you to celebrate the new year with one of the coolest technological achievements from last year. I’m not talking about the tablet, but Augmented Reality.

True, augmented reality was not created last year, but it really flourished in 2009 with numerous ad campaigns. I first experienced it at CES 2009, and I called it the “Coolest Gadget ever”. I’m sure I’ll see it at CES 2010, and on many more applications throughout the next year.

Apparently, there is some tradition in Japan that uses end of the year greeting cards, and so Epson decided to liven it up with a dash of augmented reality. These greeting cards, also known as nengajo, allow the users face to be wrapped in the animal personna of the new year. For 2010, this is the year of the tiger. I have a video of it after the jump if you want to see it for yourself, but I don’t have it translated.

To make one of these cards, all a user needs is an Epson Colorio printer. Then he or she just holds it up to the webcam, and prepare for something very, very awesome.

Granted, I don’t send New Years Cards, but that is only because we don’t have this custom in the United States. However, most people send Christmas cards, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I see some homemade augmented reality Christmas cards next holiday season. Of course, it’s probably too early to start thinking about Christmas 2010.


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