Golf Ball Launcher fires Titleists

by Mark R

launcherPICT3I’m not the type who is really into golfing. Heck, I’ve never even hit a ball on the driving range. I can imagine that it must be difficult to hit a tiny ball on the ground with a small pole with a wedge on the end of it.

I’m sure I would get frustrated with it really fast, and I would probably want to shoot something. (Something not alive, just so no one thinks I’m crazy!)

Maybe this is why someone invented the Golf Ball Launcher, a gun that can shoot a golfball at about 300 yards.

I’m not certain if the $795 pricetag is worth it, because this thing is just plain fun. Too bad they don’t make a rapid-fire version of this, because I wouldn’t mind spraying a few things with it. (Things that are also not alive, by the way.)

By the way, the Golf Ball Launcher actually has a warning on it that warns the Golf ball shooter not to use it on a driving range if the course does not respect it. Man, I wouldn’t think you would need a warning label like that. Perhaps a better warning label would be: “don’t shoot anyone with this”.

By the way, just because this involves golf and a device that can inflict damage, doesn’t mean that I need to tell some weak Tiger Woods joke.


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Sebastian Sanders Says: July 20, 2010 at 9:23 pm

playing golf has been the past time of my grandfather, he loves to play golf every week.*`’

Alex Says: October 6, 2010 at 9:41 pm

Its so cool were can I get one

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