Dual USB Port Mini Charger keeps life simple

by Ally


It’s the simple gadgets that really make life a whole lot more manageable.  This charger really isn’t much to look at, in fact it’s incredibly boring to look at.  However, the simplicity of the design is the beauty of it.  It doesn’t have 20 different bells and whistles built into it, nor does it dance, sparkle or just plain light up.  All it does is offer you a different way to charge your USB gadgets and that’s more than enough.

This mini USB charger plugs into your wall and gives you two openings for your USB devices.  It’s small enough that it could easily be stashed in a bag for while you’re traveling.  To make it even more travel friendly, the prongs tuck away so that they aren’t damaged when the charger isn’t in use.  Sometimes having only one function is plenty.  You can purchase the Dual Port USB Power Mini Charger for a whole $7 from USB Geek.

Source: Crunchgear

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neoprime33 Says: December 18, 2009 at 9:30 pm

This is the same exact style plug as the Palm Pre/Pixi (minus one USB port).

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