Solar Air Purifier keeps things quiet

by Ally


If your air could use a bit of cleaning, you might as well make sure that it’s getting cleaned in an eco-friendly manner.  Since it is solar powered it gives you a lot more versatility as far as where you can use the air purifier.  You can put it in a window within your kitchen or even use it in your car.  It’d be better than jamming an air freshener in your car when it starts to smell a bit stale.

It has a motor-free design makes it so that it is completely noiseless.  It uses high-efficiency photo-catalysis to clean the air.  The active carbon filter gets rid of smoke and odors.  It’d be great for anyone that has a pet that they’d rather guests weren’t able to smell before they even spotted that you have a dog.  You can purchase the Solar Air Purifier for £39.95 or about $65 from The Verdict.

Source: EnviroGadget

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