Digital Coin Counting Money Jar keeps track of your change

by Ally


Instead of being stuck counting out your change all on your own, it’d be nice to have a device to do the job for you.  This jar counts out all of your change as well as stores it.  This way you’ll know exactly how much money you have at all times.  Of course, this jar won’t work so well if you’re the type that constantly likes to take change out of the jar.  However, if you’re trying to save change this would help you keep track.

The jar comes with a small LCD screen on top of the jar, which is where you can view the amount of money within the jar.  Other than the lid, it’s a pretty basic jar and should hold plenty of your change.  Keep it away from kids under the age of 6, for obvious reasons it is a choking hazard.  You can purchase the Digital Coin Counting Money Jar for $18.95 from Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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