Beriscope: See underwater, from land!

by Mark R

Beriscope-by-Jaewon-Choi-thumb-550x413-30241Some of you might remember the other day when we reported on the Coolerbot, a way of exploring the outdoor wildlife from remote control while indoors. The Beriscope is a way of looking at undersea life from remote control.

Here’s how it works: The ball shaped thing on the left side of the device can separate from it, but is still tethered to it with some cable. The user throws this ball into the ocean, and it has a camera on it. From there, the user can look into the visor itself and get a view of the life aquatic.

The goggles look like the type from a Viewmaster, but it doesn’t look like you can view stuff in 3D. I mean, after all, I’m surprised that the ball has a 2D camera on it.

When you are finished with your underwater viewing by a lake or river, you can just pull it back with the handle. At this present time, there doesn’t look to be a way to record the footage.

Of course, the Beriscope is just a concept for now. Yes, it is neat enough to actually be a real product, but this one is conceived by one of our friends over at Yanko Design. I’m sure that some of their concept designs have been made into an actual product, but I don’t know which.


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biji antony Says: October 28, 2013 at 4:19 am

fantastic idea!
let me know the price and available place!

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