Star Wars Poker Chip set


star-wars-pokerGuess it is a universal trait in mankind – the urge to gain something for nothing, which is why gambling is a rife habit in many parts of the world, regardless of whether the activity has been legalized or not. Heck, gambling isn’t just reserved for those of us living here on earth – it is a galaxy-wide habit, if not there would not exist the Star Wars Poker Chip set.

The Jedi have an amazing poker chip set. The solid black case holds 200 chips that glow like lightsaber blades. They’re even illustrated with portraits of the masters of the Force – Yoda, Obi-Wan, Skywalker, and everyone’s favorite lost boy, Vader. There’s even a chromed metal representation of Vader’s Flying Pillbox to use as the dealer button and flashy cards with the Rebel Alliance symbol on the backs. Yep, those Jedi sure do know how to put on a classy game of cards.

This will most probably be a great gift for those who are Star Wars fans, but if you’re having a tough time trying to raise $149.99 to bring this puppy home under the Christmas tree, then perhaps a trip to Vegas might be on the cards?

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