Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker With Dock Transmitter

by Ally


If you don’t like to keep your iPod in the shower with you, this dock is a better option.  It’ll allow for you to listen to your music in the shower while your iPod is tucked safely away at much dryer spot within your bathroom.  Actually, since if has a range of 150 feet, you could even put it in the room next to you.  For those of you that aren’t a big iPod fan, you won’t have to worry, the device will work with other MP3 players.

The signal is said to be powerful enough to play through walls and deliver great sound while it’s doing just that.  You just plug in your MP3 player through the standard 3.5mm audio output and you’re ready to go.  The speaker itself is a 900Mhz speaker and is fully waterproof.  Which means it’ll survive from the light spraying it’ll receive in your shower.  You can purchase the speaker for $59.99 through Amazon.

Source:  GadgetGrid

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Eoghan McDonald Says: November 12, 2012 at 5:59 am

Now this is the job for me, for i am the that one man everyone hates to hear at 7am as i do a little bit of karaoke in the shower and this could be the exact thing i want for my voice to be unheard to keep the family happy 🙂

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