The Ring Wall is world’s largest touchscreen

by Mark R

ring-wall-largest-touchscreenI’m going to be visiting Vegas in a little while for CES, and I heard that the Vegas Hard Rock Cafe has a huge touchscreen that I just have to see (and touch, of course).

That particular touchscreen is 18 feet x 4 feet, but the Ring Wall in Nurburg, Germany is 45 meters long and two meters high. It has 15 high definition projectors for up to 34.5 million pixels worth of display. Nice!

So, what can we put on this Ring Wall touchscreen? How about anything we want! Just think, I could probably fit all the icons for every iPhone app! I’ve included a video of the Ring Wall after the jump so you can see it for yourself.

Believe it or not, atop the giant screen is an even larger LED wall that is 400 square meters in its size. That’s pretty cool, too. I’m just not certain why Sensory Minds decided to call their colossus of a touchscreen the Ring Wall. After all, it wasn’t like they shaped their touchscreen into a ring. In fact, is it even possible to have a curved touchscreen?

If so, then I could easily see a circular touchscreen display all around me, where I could control the world. Well, I could control my world, at least.


ring°wall from SENSORY-MINDS on Vimeo.

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TimmyX Says: December 12, 2009 at 4:10 am

Well it’s called Ring Wall because its built at the nürnburgring racing track in germany.

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