The Speak N’ Brew Coffee Maker

by Ally


Everyone has their way that they prefer to deal with electronics.  Some people adore pushing buttons, while others would love to just speak to the device and have it obey their every demand.  Actually, both options are appealing, just depending on what device you’re using.  Well if you’ve ever wanted a talking coffee pot that you can converse with you could always buy the Speak n’ Brew.

The coffee maker understands your speech.  It’ll ask you when you want your coffee ready and you just state the time.  It’ll then repeat the time back to you in order to make sure that it understood you properly.  The body of it is stainless steel and it’ll make 10 cups.  It also has a pause and serve function as well as a manual one-touch brew start.  You can read information on your coffee on the LCD screen, then after 2 hours the coffee pot will automatically shut off.  You can purchase the device for $79.99 from Primula Products.

Source: OhGizmo

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