Lumino Project takes Microsoft Surface to the next dimension

by Mark R

500x_lum2This is the Lumino project, a new way of interacting with the Microsoft Surface. In fact, it takes it to a whole new dimension: the third one.

You mean that there is more to do with a Surface than shifting two-dimensional images? Absolutely! Not only can the Lumino project recognize a three-dimensional object on the table, but it can recognize when one object is put on top of the other.

So far, it seems good enough to make various structures in three-dimensional space. Sort of like playing with Lego with a computer that recognizes what you are building with the bricks.

That is about as good as another use the developers found: a checkers game. That’s right, it can recognize when players are “kinged”, and it can even give the player an idea of the best moves to make in the game.

Think that is pretty much useless? So do I. However, I did see one application that looked very interesting. This guy used a cylinder to make a dial control on a picture on the Surface, and was able to control the brightness and contrast. I realize that I didn’t describe it very well, but check out the video at the Source, and you can read and see more about it.


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