Organic Motion unveils multiple person motion tracking platform



Organic Motion has rolled out what is deemed to be the first multiple person motion tracking platform in the world which does not require its users to wear any attached devices, tags or sensors. This technology helps enhance the operations of a wide range of simulated training environments. If you happen to be at OpenSTAGE, it is currently on demo for anyone who is curious enough to give the system a go, where it is capable of tracking multiple people simultaneously without the need for special backgrounds or being in a controlled environment.

The OpenSTAGE multi-track platform is deemed to improve the way armed forces are better able to prepare personnel instantly regardless of the theater of operations, where among these comprise of dismounted soldier training (DST) programs, Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT), and Close Combat Tactical Training Dismounted Soldier (CCTT DS) simulations. Since this platform does away with the need for any additional attire, a variety of warfighters are able to step into a virtual world with virtually no preparation time at all, while being instantly tracked down. This in turn allows teams to participate in simulated maneuvers including live interaction with friends or foes, continued tracking of soldiers after they dismount in Combat Vehicle Simulators, or tracking of shooters in a shoot house.

According to Andrew Tschesnok, CEO Organic Motion, “This multi-track version of OpenSTAGE is a major leap for simulated training and the applications are immense. We have developed OpenSTAGE to meet the rigorous demands of the defense industry. By eliminating sensors, an entire squad can now achieve instant entry into a far more realistic training environment and have their movements tracked and displayed in real-time, all at a lower operating cost and with maximum throughput.”

OpenSTAGE will play nice with its full integration with existing military virtual and rendering engines, helping increase the speed and efficiency of training readiness for a wide range of simulations to help get our troops battle-ready in this day and unpredictable age of modern warfare.

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