Hitachi Starboard FX-77GII Interactive Whiteboard

by Mark R

Hitachi WhiteboardHitachi has announced some very interesting whiteboard technology with the StarBoard FX-77GII.

From what I can tell from the product description, it is essentially a huge interactive screen created for presentations that looks just like a traditional whiteboard. Considering that most people use whiteboards for quick idea-generating presentations that most people forget about later, it might as well be technological.

The Starboard FX-77GII comes with a wireless two button pen device that is sort of like a mouse and “operates and annotates on the board”. I suppose that would make it a handheld cursor for this gigantic Paint program for your wall.

As you can see, it has 12 customizable function buttons, and is designed to use the Hitachi Educator Portal for “uploading and sharing lessons, watching tutorial videos, and obtaining additional teaching resources”.

Beyond the info from the press release, that is all that we know about this product. Apparently, the FX-77GII has uses some of the same technology as the FX DUO Interactive Whiteboard, which you can read about here.

The press release says that the FX-77GII is priced lower than the FX DUO, but it doesn’t give the price point at all. It also does not say where and when it will be available, either.


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