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Saving space seems to be all the rage these days, thanks to the miniaturization of devices and machines around us. Take a look at your cellphone – it probably packs in a much faster processor compared to your desktop a few years back, right? The desktop PC has also quietly undergone its own revolution, with nettops making more and more of a presence (or nuisance, depending on how you look at it) while all-in-one PCs are also catching up in popularity simply because most of them are aesthetically pleasing while packing enough punch to deliver the processing power required for basic computing tasks such as surfing, checking e-mail as well as the occasional spot of casual gaming. The latest all-in-one PC to hit the market would be the Wind Top AE2220 from MSI, where it is now available Stateside as MSI’s flagship model in this department. The AE2220 extends the award-winning Wind Top line with new levels of performance, usability, energy-efficiency, and functionality in an affordable, stylish and eco-friendly design for today’s PC-centric families. To know more about the AE2220, head on after the jump.

You will get a 21.5″ screen with 16:9 widescreen display, full HD (1080p) resolution and high-fidelity 5.1-channel SRS Premium Sound to get you drooling even if it is still in its box. Meant to offer home users with theater-like multimedia entertainment, the inclusion of NVIDIA ION graphics certainly helps its cause in that department, while you can choose from the latest Intel Core 2 Duo/Pentium Dual Core processors for all your processing power needs. This wold mean it is able to run HD movies effortlessly, alongside resource-hungry applications and sophisticated 3D games without batting an eyelid. As for connectivity options, the AE2220 comes with VGA and HDMI input ports, letting it function as the primary home computer, TV or a widescreen display device for video-capable devices including game consoles.

Powered by the latest Windows 7 operating system, we’ve still no word on its pricing just yet.

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