Motorola Moto i290

by Mark R

i290_3-4left_wToday I will conclude the Motorola trilogy with the i290, or Moto. I began with the i465 Clutch and the i9 Stature, and I had some nice things to say about those phones.

Sadly, I do not have anything to say about the i290. Of course, my mother always used to say that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”. Well, I’m am going to say anything, because even though the i290 isn’t a good phone, it isn’t a bad one. That would make it…a normal candybar cell phone, which is what it is.

Yes, this is a phone that allows you to call people and make text messages. Yes, there are many other phones like it, and if you can afford one that does this and other things, then yes, you should buy one. As it is, this phone has no camera, very little features, except that of push-to-talk and Java capability.

Of course, it does have a thin and lightweight feature, as do most phones that are under $50. This is about the price of it on Boost Mobile. You can also get it on Sprint if you like. In fact, if you are looking for someone to buy a phone for this holiday season, and this person doesn’t want anything complicated, then you could save a lot of money purchasing them an i290 right here.

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