Disney themed USB 2.0 Cable

by Ally


I’ve always known that Disney was capable of slapping their brand name on just about anything.  I just never really expected to see Disney themed USB cables.  However, they’ve officially done it and in a way that doesn’t look too bad.  Thankfully they also don’t jack up the price to a horrible amount either, making them parent friendly as well as great for the kids.

On the cable itself there isn’t a whole lot that really broadcasts them as being a Disney product.  Each one of the versions of the cable has a bright color and an indention on the end.  One shows Mickey, another is Stitch, and then there’s the Cars version, Toy Story, and the Princess one.  The cable is about 70cm long.  You can purchase each one of these for $7 a piece through Brando.  They’d make for an affordable stocking stuffer for this Christmas.

Source: OhGizmo

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