Bladefish Sea Scooters



What has taken years of development has resulted in a self-proclaimed “best underwater propulsion device” that is available in the market, making it the ultimate underwater scooter for both divers and snorkelers. Yes, the Bladefish Sea Scooters are capable of pumping out a whole lot more power compared to its predecessors that relied on lead acid propulsion.

Unlike them, these new models can be recharged in a fraction of the time and can be easily carried as hand luggage. They’re also much smaller than their leaden predecessors and are highly manoeuvrable and compact. All models include computer controlled circuitry, double seals and a battery life meter.

You will be able to pick up the Bladefish 1000, Bladefish 2000 and Bladefish 5000 for £245.99, £299.99 and £479.99, respectively. Needless to say, the more money you fork out, the faster you’re able to travel while underwater, but it is safe to say that none of these will help you outswim any predatory shark looking for a human fillet…

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