Star Wars Cellphone Alert Charms


sw-charmsCellphone charms might not be your cup of tea, but surely if you’re a true, blue Star Wars fan, you won’t be able to turn the Star Wars Cellphone Alert Charms down! Not only do they come in a miniature, cute and cartoony version of your favorite Star Wars character’s head, they also let the world know of your allegiance to the superior sci-fi franchise instead of trekking to where no man has gone before…

These cell phone charms are specially programmed to spin and light up in reaction to the frequency emitted by a ringing cellphone. Hang your Vader or Stormtrooper charm on your jacket, computer bag, navel ring, etc., and whenever you get a call on your cell, it will spin around and the little lights near its base will flash. You can leave your phone on silent, tucked in your pocket, and pretend to be paying rapt attention to your boss as he drones on about this new technology they call Twitter and how your business is going to harness the power of social media. When Vader spins, you make a quick exit, feigning a potty emergency, and rush to safety to answer that important phone call from the Emperor.

They might be a wee bit more expensive than normal though with the Star Wars Cellphone Alert Charms going for $9.99, but being a fanboy certainly has its price to pay, eh? Bear in mind the Star Wars Cellphone Alert Charms only work with 800 – 1600 MHz GSM network handsets and require a trio of LR41 batteries to get you started.

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