Pocket Radar lets you track speeds conveniently

by Ally


Before the only ones that were typically able to toy with radar were police officers with bulky radar guns.  Now you can have your own radar system, except this kind won’t weigh you down.  You can tuck it away in your pocket and take it out whenever you’re in dire need of a device to clock the speed of something.  It’s not limited to cars either, you can even track the speed of a baseball thrown by one of your buddies.

Sure, you could use it at the race or at a real baseball game.  It’s way more fun to use it as a form of entertainment when you’re with friends goofing off though.  Throw in a little bit of alcohol and I’m sure you’ll come up with all kinds of things to use the pocket radar on.  It could also be a useful and pracitcal tool for coaches.  It’s capable of recording 10,000 measurements before you’ll ever have to change the AAA batteries.  It’s accurate within 1 mile per hour and will be  showcased as well as launched in the Spring of 2010 at CES.

Source: GadgetVenue

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