PicoZ SkyBot Attack


picozRemote control toys were once all the rage back in the days where I was a kid, but those were limited to just cars. Fast forward a few decades and you have remote controlled toys that do not stick to the ground – no sir, they will hover and zip about in the air instead just like the PicoZ SkyBot Attack.

This incredible battle set features twin-channel cyber-warriors capable of shooting each other out of the sky with well-placed infra-red blasts. Score a direct hit and your rival’s rotors will cut out, causing it to plummet to earth. Or Mars, or Tharg, or whatever other planet you’re pretending to fight for. Think miniature Transformers with heli-packs and phasers and you’re halfway there. Robot wars? Not half! You control your rechargeable robot with a nifty transmitter that doubles up as a charger. Simply plug in for around 20 minutes and your Skybot will fly forwards, backwards, left and right, buzzing about for around five minutes – more than enough time to conduct a full on laser ding dong above the conference table.

The PicoZ SkyBot Attack set will cost you £49.95, and unless you want to get the sack by the boss, we’d recommend playing this only during the lunch break instead of trying to lighten up the mood at the office meeting by letting them rip.

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