Seiko Ocean Theater Alarm Clock lets you sleep with the fishes

by Ally


Most clocks are just fine with merely playing the sounds of the ocean to lull you into a deep sleep.  Well this Seiko clock takes things even further than that.  Instead of just playing the sounds, it projects images of the ocean onto your bedroom wall.  Of course, it does that along with the time, it is still a clock after all.  It doesn’t just project a pretty picture on the wall either, the fish in the picture actually react to your touch.

It also has all of the usual functions like a clock and an alarm to wake up in the morning with.  You get everything from normal fish that you’d see in the ocean, to cute dolphins.  The gadget has 4 different display modes, as well as having 5 levels of volume settings, an AC adapter with a 2.5m cord, a touch sensor dome and an external projector.  You can purchase the clock for $234 through the Japan Trend Shop.  It won’t be shipping out until the 1st of December though.

Source: Ubergizmo

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