Sharper Image Fog Free Shower Mirror links wirelessly with MP3 Player

by Mark R

00011163-z1The Sharper Image’s latest product, the Fog Free Shower Mirror, is for all those who just have to be listening to their MP3 Player while they are in the shower or bathtub.

Granted, that audience is not me, but here’s how it works. The mirror portion of this device is battery powered, with 4 AA batteries that can be stored safely in a waterproof compartment below the mirror itself. These batteries power the two 1.25 inch speakers which are actually louder than you might think.

The mirror wirelessly syncs with a cradle for an MP3 player for a range of about 100 feet. This cradle can be plugged into the wall with the included AC cord, or use 4 AA batteries. As long as you have a long playlist playing, you should be able to enjoy your tunes in the shower.

Unfortunately, the controls on the mirror are only for the volume and the radio, not for the MP3 player itself. Yes, the Mirror can also play the radio, and the station as well as the clock function displays itself on lovely blue numbers on the mirror itself. This Fog Free Mirror comes with a suction cup hanger so that it affixes well to a larger mirror or smooth surface.

My only complaint is that this device had an odd way of plugging in my iPod classic. See how it looks like it just mounts there effortlessly in the picture? That actually isn’t the case. I had to put my iPod classic in there upside down and backwards to get it to work. I’m serious. It might work better with an MP3 player with a more convenient headphone jack.

Other than that, this is a product that allows users to listen to their tunes safely in the bathroom, and is available at the Sharper Image site for $69.99.

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Dmitry Says: August 27, 2010 at 7:07 am

How often are updated songs?

Edward Woods Says: December 27, 2010 at 11:01 pm

My wife gave me this for Christmas, it is soooo cool. i immediately attached it to my shower and began to listne to my Zune. Zune wouldn’t fit in the cradle, but it still works plugged in, that’s what’s so cool. As a gadget addict, I like it, but I’m not quite sure what the channels are all about. Haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll have to spend more time with it, but right now, it’s a go.

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